Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Animation, again.

I have always been fascinated by animation, every since my sister showed me how to make a simple moving animation by drawing on the corners of the pages of a notebook. I played around with computer animation in college, back before there WAS computer animation programs like Maya and Studio Max or even Flash... it was an Amiga system, for you geeks out there.

Well, fast forward to this week, when I woke up holding on to half a dream I had of a bunny and blue bird comic. As I lay there waking up I began to think about where that idea could go and hit on the inspiration to making a series of my bunny paintings, then scan them into the computer and edit them with my basic movie making software. The result of that little experiment is here.
Inspired by my first success, I made another one today.

They aren't animation in the true sense, since there are not enough frames to make them actually "move" (if I recall right, film is 24 frames per second). But the mind tends to fill in the gaps, like seeing something with a strobe light on. The fact that these are composed of only a handful of actual paintings (14 for Blue Bird and Little White Rabbit and 16 for Bunnies Go Boum) is somehow very satisfying. There was very little computer manipulation, other than flipping some of the images and editing them together. A bit old old school animation, a bit of the new technology.

Now what to do with all the paintings I made for these almost animations...


  1. These are wonderful! I saw the bluebird one the other day from the flickr link but missed Bunnies Go Boum til now.. I'm going to play it whenever I'm having a bad day.. you cant help but smile!

    Yay for LWR & friends!

  2. both– Pure Delight!!
    : D

    ps- I just got back from being away for over 2 weeks; got the wonderful ornaments/pendants and calendar.

  3. Those videos are great, they give me smile for the all day !!