Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inspiration- Good Day L.A.

I make no secrets about artists I like, I practically drag a soap box around with me to shout at people about it, at least in my head. In this blog I plan to periodically drag out and show art I have collected and treasure, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

One of my first major acquisitions on Etsy was from a then relatively unknown creator called the Mincing Mockingbird- the brilliant brainchild of California artist Matt Adrian. Now he much admired for his caustic, sarcastic, and at times very poignant bird paintings, but I feel myself to be very lucky to be the proud owner of an original disaster painting called "Good Day L.A./Apocolypse Begins Near The 405".

I have no idea why I love this painting so much. The subect itself is pretty horrible in fact, but the painting only hints at it. The brilliant blue sky, the linear geometry and the unexplained collumn of white and gray smoke. Only after the initial view do you realize there is a car in the air to the very left of the canvas. THERE IS A CAR IN THE AIR.

I think part of the appeal is the honestly of it, to me, that's how disaster really hits you, in the absurd details that don't make sense right away. Stuff off to the side your eyes see but your brain doesn't believe. Fire and smoke we understand, projectile autos, not so much.

In any case, this painting has hung in my studio a couple years now. I see it every day, and once in awhile I find myself staring off into space and look at it and think THERE IS A CAR IN THE AIR. I love to have art that constantly says something to me, and I am thrilled that the artist has had such great success with his work.

Please do check out his shop ( ) and buy his original work while you can still afford it.


  1. Wow! I really like this painting too. I can't help thinking of the clear and sunny day of 9/11/2001 when I see it. I would like to know what he was thinking when he painted it - it is very well done.

  2. WoW! It's always so exciting when I find that an artist I love has a blog, and yours is great. I have to say your 'Bunnies go Boum' animation is fabulous! I've been twitching to have a go at one for a while, but don't know where to start!