Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Married To The Sea

I wish I had a rabbit that would clean my house.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

True Love-Etsy style

A couple weeks ago the husband of a friend purchased a rabbit print from my etsy shop. He knew this particular print called "Poppy" was one that his wife had wanted for a long time, and he wanted to surprise her for Christmas. I was happy to oblige and promptly sent it off to his relatives to hold until the Holidays.

Poppy is a print I created by scanning in a drawing of mine into the computer then digitally painting it. It depicts a somewhat romantic white rabbit leaping for joy in a field of orange poppy flowers.

A few days ago, this same friend decided to treat herself and purchase the Poppy print she had been wanting for so long. Without knowing it, she had just purchased the exact present for herself that her husband wanted to surprise her with!

That put me in a bit of a quandary. Do I tell her? Do I just send the items and play dumb? I sent a frantic email to the husband asking what he wanted to do. A little while later I got an email back from him saying that just as he was reading my email, his wife mentions that she just bought Poppy for herself! He couldn't keep a strait face. The cat, or rather, the rabbit was out of the bag.

All's well that ends well. My friend will not only have a Poppy print to call her own, but a sweet story of true love to go along with it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Can't Hurry the Bunny

I paint bunnies; brown and black, spotted and lop eared, running, jumping, sleeping, playing... but mostly I paint a character I call the little white rabbit or "LWR" for short. The number one thing people ask me after seeing my art (well, they *tell* me) is that I should write a children's book. Well, I have written one, I just haven't heard back from the publisher yet. Yes, it's about the little white rabbit.

The thing about getting a book properly published is that it takes time. Publishers want exclusive access to the manuscript, meaning you can't send it to every publisher you can think of in hope one will want it. And most publishers also get tens of thousands of submissions every year, so you can imagine how long it takes them to say "no thanks". It takes even longer for one to say "yes".

I am sure the stories of the little white rabbit will be published someday, I believe that. But in the meantime, he's got things to do, places to go, games to play. Some of those escapades I will share with the world right now, and some will go into the next book or seven after that.