Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Theo- Step by step

Inspired by the real life Theo, I made a mini "Poor Theo" Sculpture. I thought it would be fun to share the step by step of how to make this type of sculpture.

I started with a basic wire armature or skeleton.

Then added a layer of masking tape over the wire.

I kept adding masking tape, 3-5 layers of it for strength and to cover the whole armature.

Once satisfied with the taping, I added a coat of gesso and let it dry.

I added 3-4 layers of gesso, letting it dry between each coat.

The final finish was achieved with a layer of acrylic paint, painted on then wiped off. The Elizabethan collar was made from heavy plastic, sewn on by hand.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bunny Mobile!

I love mobiles. I love making art that moves. I have dreams of making huge kinetic pieces of life sized horses moving in the breeze. Maybe someday.

For now I am thrilled with my latest brainstorm- Do it Yourself Bunny Mobiles. I spent weeks tweaking this idea, using some of may favorite bunny paintings, I created a card that could be cut up, glued and assembled into a mobile. Then I spent another week creating a booklet, including illustrations on how to assemble it. I just got the cards from the printer this morning and was thrilled with the result. I felt like a kid making my own mobile, even though I had already made four prototypes getting the design just right.

I should point out that it's not my idea entirely, it came out of a short IM with my friend experimental. She said "I will give you one idea- bunny mobile made out of card stock". That was enough to send the ball rolling.

In any case the Bunny Mobile Kits are hopefully just enough inspiration to people, there are endless combinations and variations that can be made up out of it and I hope my customers have as much fun with them as I did making them up.

If interested in trying your hand at one of these mobiles, please visit my etsy shop.

Friday, January 9, 2009

No Copy Right

There is a website out there that started with an idea- let kids make pictures by collaging fashion items they found on the web into their own designs.

Unfortunately, it's an idea poorly imagined, managed and executed, since many members of this site take copyrighted images from artists and photographers, cut them up, then add and remove elements and use them to make their own pictures. This has many of my friends and artists I admire up in arms and understandably upset. Their work is not to be hacked up and displayed without permission, even if there is a link back to them.

The site owner, unfortunately, is documented as not having any control over the actions of it's members, which is like saying 'hey it's just my website, I can't do anything about that'.

The owner of the site knows their members can easily violate copyright laws, but choose to turn a blind eye and let the artists and their friends constantly police the site for stolen images, send cease and desist notices as well as upsetting the members of the site- many of them children and teenagers who don't know any better. It's time for the creator of this site to stop acting helpless and make their site so it doesn't encourage unlawful behavior by others.

If you want to read more here are some links:

Etsy forum discussion:

The blog of someone sorely wronged by this site.

Petition to shut down