Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bunny Mobile!

I love mobiles. I love making art that moves. I have dreams of making huge kinetic pieces of life sized horses moving in the breeze. Maybe someday.

For now I am thrilled with my latest brainstorm- Do it Yourself Bunny Mobiles. I spent weeks tweaking this idea, using some of may favorite bunny paintings, I created a card that could be cut up, glued and assembled into a mobile. Then I spent another week creating a booklet, including illustrations on how to assemble it. I just got the cards from the printer this morning and was thrilled with the result. I felt like a kid making my own mobile, even though I had already made four prototypes getting the design just right.

I should point out that it's not my idea entirely, it came out of a short IM with my friend experimental. She said "I will give you one idea- bunny mobile made out of card stock". That was enough to send the ball rolling.

In any case the Bunny Mobile Kits are hopefully just enough inspiration to people, there are endless combinations and variations that can be made up out of it and I hope my customers have as much fun with them as I did making them up.

If interested in trying your hand at one of these mobiles, please visit my etsy shop.


  1. oh these are so cute! The Art is Found prompt site theme this week is mobiles - you can find out more here: - a great place to encourage more people to look at your bunny mobiles!!

  2. Very sweet....found your blog through a post you made on the forums today....