Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Theo- Step by step

Inspired by the real life Theo, I made a mini "Poor Theo" Sculpture. I thought it would be fun to share the step by step of how to make this type of sculpture.

I started with a basic wire armature or skeleton.

Then added a layer of masking tape over the wire.

I kept adding masking tape, 3-5 layers of it for strength and to cover the whole armature.

Once satisfied with the taping, I added a coat of gesso and let it dry.

I added 3-4 layers of gesso, letting it dry between each coat.

The final finish was achieved with a layer of acrylic paint, painted on then wiped off. The Elizabethan collar was made from heavy plastic, sewn on by hand.


  1. Wow - I really like this. I would NEVER have thought of using masking tape, although it seems obvious now. It makes a really nice finished texture.

    Hope Theo gets rid of his Elizabethan collar soon - my cats hate those things!

  2. How creative. I really like the way he turned out. I just found your blog and think it's great! If you want to check out mine, please feel free...

  3. omg i love this!
    i hope you are keeping this piece it is awesome!

  4. Love it, especially the lampshade collar. Poor Theo, indeed. Hope he's feeling better now.