Friday, February 13, 2009

Rabbit Tarot- In the works!

I am pretty excited about my new project, the Rabbit Tarot, based on the little white rabbits and friends. I now have about half the deck painted, and am researching printing possibilities. I want the finished tarot deck to be functional and well made, so finding the right printing company (and funding for the project) is a top priority. I have had the same tarot deck for over 18 years, and have read for myself and friends, so it's nice to reinterpret each card to the little white rabbit world.

Stay tuned for more updates, or visit my flickr page for more images.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Art Inspiration- Sarah Ogren

"Flying Companions" by Sarah Ogren

I am generally a fan of collage and mixed media, the art form that combines recycling and re-imagining existing images and ideas into new things. Last year I treated myself to an new piece I found through Etsy created by an artist I have admired for some time- Sarah Ogren. I love how Sarah combines the old illustration images with hand painting and whimsical touches. Her subject matter is also often close to my heart- rabbits, birds, woodland creatures and trees- often dressed in Victorian or vintage attire.

This piece "flying Companions" came displayed in a hand altered and textured frame that compliments the subject beautifully. A bunny woman rests elegantly on the back of a sparrow, which combines anthropomorphism, fantasy and vintage elements. It makes me smile whenever I see it, prominently displayed on my bookshelf.

You can read more about Sarah on her blog:

And be sure to visit her Etsy shop to purchase her fun and thoughtful creations: