Monday, February 2, 2009

Art Inspiration- Sarah Ogren

"Flying Companions" by Sarah Ogren

I am generally a fan of collage and mixed media, the art form that combines recycling and re-imagining existing images and ideas into new things. Last year I treated myself to an new piece I found through Etsy created by an artist I have admired for some time- Sarah Ogren. I love how Sarah combines the old illustration images with hand painting and whimsical touches. Her subject matter is also often close to my heart- rabbits, birds, woodland creatures and trees- often dressed in Victorian or vintage attire.

This piece "flying Companions" came displayed in a hand altered and textured frame that compliments the subject beautifully. A bunny woman rests elegantly on the back of a sparrow, which combines anthropomorphism, fantasy and vintage elements. It makes me smile whenever I see it, prominently displayed on my bookshelf.

You can read more about Sarah on her blog:

And be sure to visit her Etsy shop to purchase her fun and thoughtful creations:


  1. Thank you Nakisha for the lovely write-up abou my work! I'm a big fan of your watercolors as well. Thanks so much for all of your support!