Friday, March 6, 2009

A break for Sculpture

...Or as Monty Python says, and now for something completely different.

Sometimes when I get really involved in a project, it's good to step back and do something completely different. This is especially the case with the Rabbit Tarot, which seems to grow exponentially the more I work on it. I am really enjoying coming up with a new design for each of the 78 cards, but that's a lot of bunnies to paint and I don't want to burn out.

Hence the break to make the above sculpture, the Rabbit Demon. I purposefully made the eyes of this odd bunny like the demons (Oni) you can see in Japanese woodblock prints- each pupil is a bit wide so that they don't seem quite focused on one spot. I made use of a lot of recycled materials on this piece, old fabric, a paintbrush chewed by my dog Meimei, and string and ribbon I am constantly saving. The head moves from side to side and up and down on this hanging sculpture, but this is a protective bunny- he keeps an eye on the evil spirits and hopefully scares them away.

There was a lot of work on this one with some setbacks. The polyclay almost burned because I can't read the temperature gauge on my ancient stove, the rabbit's skin had to be hand sewn on him, and the balance of the neck took forever to get just right. But I am pretty happy with the final result.


  1. ~i love you Oni-bunny....
    please come stay with me and protect me from my evil self~

  2. That rabbit is too great.

  3. This is one for the record! Very unique ---- love it.

  4. I love his eyes! He looks rather menacing!

  5. Seriously, if I was an evil spirit I'd be scared off by him. He's great...