Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colorful Collaboration

"Space Walk" Quilt by Cottontail Quilts.

Cindi at Cottontail Quilts first contacted me for a commission idea she had about making a rabbit painting to use for her cards and tags for her shop. Cindi has a great shop on Etsy where she makes custom quilts, children's apparel and crib sets. She also has and adorable house bunny named Harriet who inspired her shop name.

Through our collaboration I also ended up making a banner and avatar for her etsy shop, in turn Cindi surprised me with a beautiful quilt based on one of my rabbit paintings.

She did such beautiful work I decided to see if she was interested in further collaboration. Though we have never met in person, we emailed back and forth and agreed easily on how this would work.

Cindi continues to surprise and delight me with her interpretations of my paintings as quilts. Take a look at her shop for more:


  1. it is sooOO amazing!
    Its just beautiful.

  2. That is just beautiful! Wonderful craftsmanship - and that's one of my favorite images! The banner is gorgeous too.

  3. Delightful, a very creative collaboration.