Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rabbit Tarot Bags and Pouches

Ok, I have a confession. I cannot sew. Oh I can do a few whip stitches and throw a patch over the hole in my jeans, but straight lines with a sewing machine I never had the patients for. That's why I am thrilled with the talent Etsians who have created carrying bags that would be perfect for the Rabbit Tarot.

The first you may already recognize for her fabulous quilts of the Little White Rabbit. Cindi has made these darling rabbit pouches, and promises more to come.

Her shop is cottontailquilts.etsy.com

The next is a seller I met through a Tarot Forum. She has found the perfect fabric for the Rabbit Tarot.

Her shop is karenmiles.etsy.com

The next is a bag I stumbled upon browsing Etsy that would also be perfect for the Rabbit Tarot.

It and many other bags can be found at this shop rainfeather13.etsy.com


  1. Thank you Nakisha for including my pouch with these other beautiful bags. Such wonderful carriers for your stunning Rabbit Tarot Cards!

  2. Oh they are beautiful - especially the first one!

  3. These look cute. I need some tarot bags too. Thanks for the links.