Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Other Etsy Bunnies

Etsy has a lot of great bunny items, looking through my favorites, I was surprised how many had sold. Here's a small handful, I will post more as I find them...

I am a sucker for Dutch rabbits, here is a cutie by

I love Amber's paintings, especially the watercolors, but this one is a bit darker and more evocative than some of her other pieces.

Find more of her art at

And finally, this little cutie by would look great sitting in a flower pot in my garden.

Minor rant:
ETA: This post has been edited to remove an image by another artist who did not want their work on this blog. Although I wholeheartedly respect an artist's right to their work, I also think it's pretty stupid to even want a simple *link* to their shop where you can see and buy it! If you don't want to sell your art, don't post it on the internet! /end rant.


  1. hi Nakisha:)
    lovely rabbits! I too really like the bunny at the top:)
    And of course, all of yours!

  2. Love from the bunny lover...these are GREAT!