Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Studio

I moved my new studio this week to a larger room in the house, so now I can look out the window into the front garden from my desk, and stretch out my arms without touching anything.... a big improvement. Complete in my new studio is this brilliant wall-o-storage. Floor to ceiling packing supplies and art supplies all in easy reach (for the most part). I can finally see my work table clearing to make room for art.


  1. Your old studio sounds a bit like mine - small! Looks like you've got a good space to work in now though :)

    I've nominated you for a sunshine blog award - you can see the details in my blog!

  2. Lucky you, I'd love some storage like that, brilliant idea, and all easy to see and reach. Linda:)

  3. Oh you lucky thing! This makes my teeny desk crammed into a corner of the living room seem like the saddest thing in the world! ;)
    I hope it brings much inspiration for your wonderful art to keep flourishing!