Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mei Mei

 My name is Mei Mei Puffy Ami Yum Yums, though my mom calls me Maisy-boo, mostly. She is too busy to keep up her blog so she asked me to write a bit about myself for it instead.

I'm half Shih Tzu, half American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Yes, a "bull-shitz" ha ha. Very funny. Like I haven't heard that all my life. I have a short nose and curly tail like my mom but am strong and fast like my dad. I also snort when I am happy or giving kisses or think something is funny.
 I was adopted when I was a little peanut my mom says, though she knows I'm not a legume. She has many silly names for me, it's hard to keep track.  My daddy calls me "Boo-boo". Mom says he spoils me, and calls me his "white shadow" because I follow him around a lot. See what I mean about all the names? Snort.
I think I have a pretty good life, other than waiting on my people who don't seem to understand that they need to get out more! All this staring at the computers is really lame. I get bored when they do that, so I usually stay in bed until noon. My mom says I'm a slug-a-bed but I need my beauty sleep! I'm special because of all my furry brothers and sisters I get to sleep on the people bed. (sticks tongue out at Laika) I also get hair cuts since I have lots of white fur that grows like crazy. Under my white fur I have spots like a Dalmatian, so I get to be very stylish in summer and show my spots off.
 One of my favorite things to do is help in the garden. My mom pulls weeds and it's my job to bite them and make sure they are dead. I am very good at this and can even do a back flip to catch them out of the air. I also help with rat patrol, and make sure none of those nasty squirrels come into the yard. I am very good at protecting the yard. I help Turtle bark at people when they walk by.
 Things I don't like are riding in the car, because sometimes that means going to the V-E-T. Yes mom, I can spell, I know what that means! I also know what O-U-T and W-A-L-K mean. The V-E-Ts are not very nice, though my mom says they try to help me. They fixed my leg when it wouldn't work, though I had to wear the cone of shame afterwards. Still, I don't trust those guys, they like to poke me with things.

Everyone says I am the cutest, though I don't like being called a muppet or a mop. I am really a princess with super powers, and will bite any baddie that I meet. My mom says I need to be careful not to bite anybody that they like, so they have to introduce me so I know that they are okay.  I also like to bite holes in tennis balls. It's a bit of a hobby of mine, I have quite a collection. 
 Okay, enough of this boring computer stuff. I'm going back to bed, where I suggest you give me tummy rubs. Being this cute is hard work. Snort.