Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nakisha's New Items for Winter, 2011

Hello Everyone,
Some new items for the Holiday Season and beyond :)

Although I am still working on a new, much more complicated tarot deck, I did finish another small complete animal tarot deck in the style of the TaRat Rat tarot- The BlueDogRose Tarot.  Instead of Swords there are Cats, Cups are Birds, Pentacles are Rodents and Clubs are Dogs. The Major arcana also has goldfish, guinea pigs and rabbits.
This deck and the TaRat and Rabbit Tarot are all available on Etsy here-

And more information, including the meanings of the cards can be found here on my official website-

As I have been doing every year, I have created a 12 month wall calendar of NEW bunny art for 2012. Only a limited number were printed, get yours while you still can!

Also NEW this year, I now have FREE USA shipping on any of my Fine Art Prints 5" x 7" or larger. I have new paintings available as prints, and some old favorites like this one-

In my other shop Wire Animals, we are posting new birds and animals as often as possible. You can even get a customized word bird saying what you want, or choose from an assortment of birds and animals who already have so much to say-

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Hope Everyone has a lovely Holiday Season!

All the Best,

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