Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2016 Calendar Update

LWR and the Alien

Every year I create a new series of paintings specifically for next year's calendar. Because of printing times, I usually have to have all the paintings ready by August so that the calendars can be printed and available in the months before the next year.

Lately I have been doing themes or series of paintings. For 2015 I did a Tea series, with the white rabbit having tea with various animal friends in their home. For the 2016 calendar I originally had an idea of the traveling bunny, a little white rabbit going around the world (and into space, as the one with the bunny alien above) and meeting with different animals doing different things. After finishing most of the paintings I was inspired to do something different. Since the new painting series was better in some ways I ended up doing 26 paintings in the couple months before August. That's a lot of paintings!

So, next years calendar shows two white rabbits going on dates or just hanging out together. They'll be going to the movies, having coffee in winter, making dinner together, watching tv, and many more. I really had fun with this series, but I think the making dinner one was my favorite, because I love cooking with friends!

Calendars should be available in October or sooner. 

Making dinner.